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Home Station for EMO Robot, Charging Dock, Living.AI

Home Station for EMO Robot, Charging Dock, Living.AI

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The package includes

  • Home Station (with charger)
  • Manual
  • Home fence (silicone mat that acts as a "fence" to limit EMO's movement)
  • Plug adapter for the European socket

    home station

    Home Station

    EMO syncs with the Home Station with a tap of a button. EMO can automatically find his way home and go charge all by himself. EMO can also use the LED display matrix of the Home Station to play games and more.

    This article contains only the EMO Home Station, not the EMO robot. It is for those who have already purchased an EMO robot.

    If you already have an EMO robot, you can buy the Home Station separately. With a firmware update, EMO will be able to return to its new home station by itself.  

    Home fence

    home fence

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